Mincraft Seeds Generator

Every time you create a new world in Minecraft, the world generator uses a complex string of code called a seed to decide what the world will look like. If you don’t type a seed into the box under “More World Options,” the seed generator will create a random world using a series of numbers based on the date and time you created the world.

But if you’re looking for a specific type of Minecraft world or you want to start out in a special biome, you can give the Minecraft seeds generator a seed to use manually. Below are some great sites where you can find hundreds of Minecraft seeds posted by other players. But, according to the Minecraft Wiki, there are 18 quintillion possible world seeds that the seed generator can create, so you can be sure the Minecraft community hasn’t found them all yet!

The Minecraft Forum has a board dedicated entirely to sharing Minecraft map seeds. The Master Collection of Seeds thread on the Seeds forum has over 200 charted Minecraft seeds complete with descriptions and pictures. Most of the maps are average, but there are some really amazing ones on the list too.  


One example is the seed "gargamel," which is a very popular Minecraft map featured in a lot of seed databases. This is an example of a world seed that uses a series of letters instead of numbers. Many players enjoy typing catchwords or clever phrases into the Minecraft seeds generator to see what kind of world they come up with.

Minecraft-seeds.net is one of the best places to go to find great world seeds. The seeds are pre-sorted by release version so you can always be sure you get seeds that are compatible with the current Minecraft seeds generator, not the old one. There is a good-sized list of user seeds as well as some forum favorites like "i dont care" and "Artomix." You can see the newest user seeds in the sidebar, or hit "Random" if you're feeling lucky.

Minecraft Seeds.info has another collection of some of the most amazing Minecraft seeds out there. You can find seeds by Minecraft version, view the most popular seeds in the sidebar, or use the Search function to find seeds using a keyword, such as "jungle."

Youtube – Surprisingly, this is also one of the best places to find great Minecraft seeds. Lots of players have posted flyover videos of their favorite Minecraft worlds, like this user video of the Top 5 Minecraft Seeds. If you're looking for something special, chances are you can find it on Youtube. Browsing videos is a great way to get access to all the maps discovered by the entire Minecraft community, and most players are happy to share their seeds for the world generator.